“10 Year Challenge” For Pets

Aging gracefully is something we all strive for. While wrinkles, gray hair and sagging skin may not be ideal for humans, it all looks adorable on dogs and cats. The “10 Year Challenge” has forced many of us to look at how time has taken a toll on us, but what about our pets?

Thousands of people are now looking back and posting photos of their dogs and cats as babies and then 10 years later. Some transformations are drastic, while others seem to have barely changed.

These are photos you want to see and will make you say “aww”.

Dogs that were once pure black now have mostly gray faces, but that only enhances their adorable looks. Puppies have sprouted into full grown dogs. However, cats seem to look ageless.

Dogs and cats are not the only animals taking part in the challenge. Budweiser posted a photo of one of their infamous horses as a baby and then a decade later with the caption, “It took me 10 years to grow into my ears!”

We would love to see how your dog or cat has changed in the past decade. Take a trip down memory lane and find a photo of the first day you took home your dog, cat or beloved animal.

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