5 Foals Sure To Make You Smile!

from: Kate Green-Gates: “This is our newborn Galiceno filly. In this pic she is less than 2 days old.”

from: Maureen Lewis: “The latest edition to the draft horse family, this is paige with newborn, a blue roan, was not expecting that!”

from: Rach Marsden: “Newborn girl finding her feet”

from: Debby Merrell: “Hey everyone been awhile since I’ve posted .. Just wanted to let everyone know I am now proud to present “Ace” my surprise baby”

from: Andrea View: “This is Duallys Little Star and our oops baby Notta Little Razzberri. We got Dully from a slaughter pen in pecatonica .il. and to our surprise we had a beautiful, healthy little filly. They’re both so wonderful!!! Razzberri will be 4 on March 20th and their Dully will be 7 April 12th. She was 4 days old in this picture.”

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