August 22 – Today’s Featured Horses

from: Charity Sizemore: “Judy’s first morning at her new home”

from: Megan Ward: “This little filly is quite special. Her momma is 24 years old and was thought to be infertile. Cree (the mom) was owned by a dear friend who passed away 8 years ago. They had tried many times to breed her (all of us desperately wanted her to foal), but it never took. Then last night, after spending last winter in with a stud, she gave birth to this amazing black filly. Everyone is so happy because we now have Legatao (legacy) to carry on Cree’s line and as a standing connection to our lost friend.”

Wild Horses Reunite In Emotional Video Two Years After Roundup Tore Them Apart: Click “Next Page” below!