December 15 Featured Member Horses

jumping horse

from: Rita Evans Cecil: “Jumping with Cozmo this summer.”

jumping horse

from: Mary-Ann Pascucci Sheri Dennison: “This is Tuesday’s Tea ~ Polo. I took him from a backyard situation. As an OTTB with a P3 fracture at 3y/o, he went to “a trainer”…. When I got him, he was scared and untrusting and with a fractured forehead, as a four year old. Let’s just say – with tons of time, love, sheer-will, and tons of Stick-Tight, we became an AWESOME team for 22 years! We were ‘Best Friends’ and shared the good times and some bad times, together. Polo would do anything for me.Polo died in my arms at the age of 26. We had spent 1/2 of my life and most of his life till the end. R.I.P. my Freind

beautiful horses

from: Cricket Nelson: “Loaded up and headed for the sorting”

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