Featured Member Horses: All Tacked Up and Ready to Go

“My husband & Eight-ball riding mountains of Wyoming !!” – Tammy Lee Smith

“This is what its all about….the little ones” – Vicki Seltenright

“Our gaited Morgan~ Indago Nugget and I. Taking a break after a long day of riding in the mountains.” – Judy Kaye Whitman

“Riding across a suspension bridge…not for the faint of heart or a horse you don’t trust.” – Stephanie Fitkin

“This is Littlehorse he is gonna be 16 May 6th and he is always ready for a trail ride. He is and will always be my best friend! HAPPY TRAILS EVERYONE!!” – Lauri Salow

Horse Discovers Mirror For The First Time Making Owner Laugh Over Her Response: Click “Next Page” below!