February 10 Featured Member Horses

beautiful horse

from: Heidi Klotzbuecher: “That look your horse gives you that takes your breath away. -the pony girl”


from: Tiffany Dowdy Bell: “This is my baby Penny, she is 26 years young this year and I have had her 21 years! She got pretty sick on me last winter and I am very blessed to still have her around and feeling/looking good! :)”

horse in snow

from: Rita Evans Cecil: “My high strung OTTB “Cozmo” showing the “playful~childlike” side of his personality today in the snow. I only let him out long enough to see his reaction. I think the picture says it all. Not only did he love running in the snow. He also enjoyed eating the ‘flakes’ as they fell.”

Officer Helps Scared Horse Escape Fire: Click “Next Page” below!

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