February 21 More Featured Horses

girl in horse

from: Lisa Wildmon Jarvis: “My daughter Madison and our horse Willie!!”

horse in pasture

from: Monique Smith: “Happy 29th Birthday to Pretty Straw Light Skipper! Straw is a LL Straw Skipper W bred mare who has the sweetest kindest soul. Her Cadillac jog cannot be beat. Many a student have Straw to thank for their first lesson, their first lope or canter and their first blue ribbon at a horse show! I cannot thank God enough for putting Straw in my life 10 years ago. I promised her owner at the time I would take care of Straw for ever. The truth is that Straw really takes care of me.”

beautiful horse

from: Ray Nelson: “Ready to ride (b b king)”

Badly Burned Horse Rescued From LNU Lightning Fire In California: Click “Next Page” below!