January 30 Featured Member Horses

great horse

from: Emily Dickerson: “My 5 year old paint Tonta enjoying his old stall!”

woman and horse

from: Debby Merrell: “this is my daughter and her horse Flicka… A rescued racehorse that just needed some love …and a lot of groceries.. but we love her she is 10”

local horseback riding

from: Ashley Hicks: “This is my 15 year old Appaloosa. He was my first barrel horse and when I got him, I knew nothing about the sport. He taught me everything I know, and taught me to become a better rider. He was a challenge to re-train, but he taught me so many things, including patience, compassion, and hard work ethic. He tries his heart for me, through every fall and stumble, he picks himself back up, makes sure I’m okay, and continues on. He may be blind in one eye, but that doesn’t phase him one bit. He packed me along, and we began to click and really come together after a year. I love this boy so much, he is definitely a horse I will never forget.

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