May 25 – Today’s Featured Member Horses

from: Lisa Epple: “This is Isabell’s Whisper, 6 yr old APHA mare, my best friend”

from: Mindy Schroder: “Billy Blaze, North American Curly Horse, playing with his hula hoop. Owned by Mindy Schroder, The Essential, Montana”

from: Rhonda Naylor: “These are my two boy’s poncho and storm. Hope,Michigan “

from: Mindy Schroder: “This is Billy Blaze, a North American Curly Horse. He is owned by Mindy Schroder at The Essential Horse. com in Montana.”

Wild Horses On Outer Banks Prepare For Hurricane Dorian By Seeking Higher Ground And 'Butts To The Wind': Click “Next Page” below!

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