November 21 More Featured Horses!

beautiful horse

from: Carmen Chitty: “This was my beautiful Jewel Appy/Arab mix. I had to sell her I miss her sooo much!!”

awesome horse

from: Heavenly Daydream Photography and Art: “My 2009 Smokey Black American Bashkir Curly Filly, *Stag Creek Pawnee. Winter is coming. Got my last Summer Coat shots of the Year. I ADORE this Horse. Best horse I have ever known! She’s the reason that I just purchased 3 more Curly horses 🙂 I’ve had her since she was a yearling. Now at 4, she’s ready to do whatever comes next! So blessed to be owned by this filly!”

lovely horse

from: Jean Griffith: “My beautiful gelding, Major–MFT, 8 years old. What a partner!!”

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