October 29 More Featured Member Horses

“Thisis Paloma, a 7 year old gray roan Clydesdale. Rescued from being dinner in some Chinese restaraunt. She traveled about a thousand miles to get to her new home with me, a transport co-ordinated by Lorraine Smith, SunDew Saves Horses. Lorraine went way out of her way to help meget her here. Needless to say, I think Lorraine is a wonderful person,and Paloma is the most beautiful horse in the world.” – Zeraphina Theodosia Vickers-West

“My6 year old quarter horse Quince. Love that pain in the ass lol. She’s agreat horse just had alot of get up and go. And wants to keep going haha.” – Mikhala Smith

“Fyre and Lace(Lacey) my daughters Arab mare, saddled and ready.” – Ev Henry

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